Thursday, 3 July 2014

EOS lipbalm review

Earlier this year I caught on to the American craze of EOS lip balms and decided to order one straight away. I ordered the Summer fruit one which is the pink one.

When my EOS one arrived I unscrewed it and the top fell straight off, I was very disappointed as they're quite pricey for a lip balm and when you're really excited to get something in the post it's very annoying when its faulty. I put this down to the fact it had to be shipped from America. (I managed to stick the top back on, I just have to be very gentle now).

The lip balm itself
The actual lip balm is very nice, it has a lovely scent to it and is very moisturizing, I normally have to reapply about 3-4 times a day depending on how dry my lips are. The balm is also great to put as a base layer for a lipstick, it helps to prevent your lipstick from flaking off (however, this can probably be done with most lip balms). The only real problem with the lipbalm is that after having used it during the day I tend to wake up with quite dry lips and so have to put it on straight away in the morning. The lip balm is also great in the sense that it uses all natural ingredients, some being organic and it doesn't contain petrolatum. It has vitamin E in it which is an antioxidant and it also contains Shea butter and jojoba.

The packaging of the lip balm is very pretty. As with a lot of things in America I would say the packaging is probably one of it's main selling points that provoked the interest.

Since having the summer fruit one I picked up another one, this time in Blueberry from selfridges in London (I was amazed when I saw it, because I didn't realize you could buy them in England).  And this time the top was still in tact, the balm itself is pretty much identical to the summer fruit one but I much prefer the smell of the blueberry!

If you have the chance to pick up an EOS lip balm I would definitely recommend it. They are quite pricey for a lip balm at about £5.00 but a one off buy can't hurt!


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