Saturday, 5 July 2014

Birthday Haul

So Back in June, the 15th to be precise, it was my birthday and I was very spoilt by my parents, my boyfriend and my amazing friends. I thought I would share with you some of the great things I got. (I am in no way trying to show off, I am very grateful for everything I got).

From my Parents
First up, Probably my most favorite present was the Mini Instax Polaroid Camera!
I was so excited when I opened this because it's just great to capture one good photo from different days and adventures I go on and it's nice to have some hard copy photos which aren't hidden in a phone or computer photo gallery! The films for them are quite expensive though, for a packet of 10 I think it is about £15. **I apologize for the quality of images**
Here are some of the photos I've captured so far:

I got a lot of clothing for my birthday so first up of the clothing is the bright orange top I am wearing in the above picture, It's from Topshop, I love it!

Next I got a Shade London Jumper which is really cosy and will be good when winter comes back around!

Again, from Shade London I got a crop top, I originally wanted a Calvin Klein version of this but I could not find it anywhere :(

Next up I got a crop top from American Apparel which I have been wanting for ages and so I was very happy when I finally got it!!

A while back when I was shopping in London I tried to purchase a sheer Black, Oversized tee from Urban Outfitters but it seemed I had just spent too much that day, so my lovely family got it for me instead!:)

Next I got two lovely casual tops from an American shop called Brandy Melville. I am obsessed with the store and so was chuffed when I opened these gifts.

I got this next item a little bit before my Birthday but I thought i'd incorporate them anyway, these are white Joni jeans from Topshop.

Next we have another item which I really wanted and they are silk pajama bottoms from Victoria Secret, they are literally the softest things going, I love love love them!!

Finally from my Parents I got a lovely cropped shirt with an almost tropical pattern on it. This again is so soft and I love it.

I couldn't be more thankful to my Parents for all my lovely presents!

From my group of friends at college I got the most amazing pair or Jordans (trainers if you were unsure), they all got together to get me these as they're quite pricey and I absolutely love them!

A separate blog post on what my Boyfriend got me will follow! 
I hope you enjoyed looking through some of the stuff I got for my birthday and maybe it would have given some of you some inspirations on what you might want to buy! 


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