Monday, 7 July 2014

Abdominal and Oblique work out

Recently I've been trying really hard to keep up with physical activity and go to the gym, one of the main things I enjoy doing is ab work outs. 
I find doing ab work outs very satisfying and it gives me so much more confidence knowing that I do actually have a little bit of muscle around my abdominal area.

This ab work out takes around 10 minutes and can be done at home or in a gym.

1) Flutter kicks for 1 minute 

2) Reaching oblique crunches for 1 minute

3) Pilates side hip raises for 45 seconds each side

4) Russian twists for 1 minute (doesn't need to be with weights)

5) Toe touch crunches for 45 seconds (I find these the most challenging)

6) Pilates leg pulls for 2 minutes, 1 minute each way

7) Toe taps for 1 minute 

8) Knee tuck crunches for 45 seconds

This ab work out is really great if are limited on time or just want a daily ab work out. You can adapt the times I've put depending on your fitness, age, strength etc.


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