Tuesday, 25 June 2013



So a while back I posted about exams and how I was unable to blog very much, but I have now finally finished them!! *hooooorrrraaaayyyy*

I had 15 exams in a period of two months so it was very intense but at least it's over now, just got to pray that my grades are good enough for where I want to go to sixth form!

I'm hoping to study Maths, Psychology, English lang and Geography at As/A2, so I guess next year will be pretty intense too.

For the duration of summer I am doing all sorts of things, these include:

  • May Ball
  • Trip to Isle of Wight (with friends)
  • Skulling course
  • Horse Riding clinic
  • Holiday to Turkey (with family)
  • Seeing Rihanna 
  • Scope championship (Horse Riding)
So i'm sure its going to be packed full of great things and I won't get too bored. 

I am going to try and start/ take part in the 30 day snap challenge, starting from tomorrow, so look forward to seeing new posts everyday :)

Sophie xo

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