Saturday, 24 August 2013

Turkey 2013 | Family Holiday

Hello Everyone!
Just last week my family and I scooted off to Marmaris in Turkey for a week. All four of my close family are very busy pretty much the whole time so we had to keep the holiday down to a week for work reasons (Plus we are going to Australia for two weeks over Christmas *eeeek*).
It was one of the most relaxing holidays I think I have ever been on, we literally didn't do anything all day everyday then just went shopping and sat in bars in the evenings. 

We stayed in a hotel called 'The Grand Azur' (See Here), It was 5* and was sooo amazingly lovely and all the staff were really helpful and kind, I really do recommend going there (it was definitely the best hotel in the resort of Marmaris). We went half board so just had to pay for lunch and drinks which was really convenient as it meant we didn't have to leave the resort or even the hotel as it had a pool and beach bar. 

The actual town of Marmaris was really quite disappointing, for all who are English the main road was basically a Turkish version of Blackpool (No offence intended to Blackpool). Everywhere you walked you were bombarded into restaurants and bars, and quite frankly by the end of the week became quite tiring. 

I really recommend the hotel, but if you a planning on doing more than just relaxing then I wouldn't choose Marmaris, as there wasn't that much to do and it wasn't the best for shopping or bars/ restaurants etc.


  1. Would love to go!! So gorgeous looking! xx

    1. It was soo lovely! If you're blonde be careful of 'kind but perverted' people haha! :)