Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fitness | Running, Swimming, Dance and Horse Riding

I love this quote, because I really believe exercise is about the feeling you get from it rather than what you achieve from it.
This post is really about getting fit and ready to take on things, I am quite a fit and well person already as I horse ride pretty much everyday and I dance 3 times a week, but I find these don't give me the same satisfaction as going for a run or going for an hours swim.

So I dug out my mums old running shoes and got out and about, I live in a very rural area so have farm tracks and bridle ways to run around, I have been for two runs so far, both 2.5 miles long, I have to say it was hard work but it gave me such a satisfied feeling that i'm willing to carry on.

My mum, my sister and myself have also enrolled to a swimming center close to my house where every tuesday we will go and do an hour of swimming, In my childhood I have always found swimming difficult, but I am determined to get better at it and get fit at the same time!

What have all of you been doing ready for the summer?

If you really want to get fit I really recommend going for a run, it'll almost definitely be hard work but the satisfaction is totally worth it.

Sophie xx

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