Saturday, 14 September 2013

Got2b : Salt Spray Review

Recently I have really been loving lots more hair products than normal (purely because I have actually tried out things that people have recommended)

But one that has stood out to me the most is a salt spray (originally I was recommended this by Zoe from Zoella) and I decided to go for a reasonably cheap one just so I could test it to see how much I liked it before I bought a better quality, more expensive one.
So I went for a brand called Got2b, which I just picked up from boots and I used it once and fell in love with it. I have very long straight hair which can get quite flat and boring and lose its volume throughout the day, I just use a few sprays then scrunch my hair and back comb it a little, it gives my hair great volume and overall makes my hair look so much more interesting! 

I probably wouldn't suggest using this if your hair gets knotty really easily and that annoys you, because the salt does tend to make your hair a little knottier than normal.
 Check out what it looked like in my hair :

Have you ever tried salt spray? 
What are your favourite hair products at the moment?
I want to hear :)

Sophie 😊

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