Thursday, 28 March 2013

One Direction | 2013 Tour

Hi everyone,
Last Friday I went to watch the very incredible One Direction at the LG arena in Birmingham, it was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to and my seat was located very close to the middle stage, so I got some incredible photos :)

The support acts: First off was 'Camryn' now I can't say I was that impressed by her, however it used up some time while we got into it and warmed everybody up for 1D.
The next support act was '5 Seconds Of Summer', now before I went I had heard a bit about them, but they are an Australian band quite simular to One Direction. These seemed to please the crowd a lot more than 'Camryn' did! You can watch a video of them here.

So to the exciting bit, One Direction came on stage at 8.30 and opened the show with 'up all night', for anyone who doesn't know this is a song from their first album.
The show was going really really well and they were playing some songs from the first album then some of the new songs, and at one point they went of stage, I imagine for a break and a video was played on the screens, this was one of the funniest/ cutest videos of them I have ever seen, you can watch this video HERE, honest it's worth the watch!!!!
The next part of the concert was by far my favorite part, they were on a moving platform stage which moved all the way from the main stage to the middle stage, they then got off at the middle stage and sang their charity single 'one way or another' CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW to purchase the single, it's for a really amazing charity called 'Comic Relief'. Any way back to the middle stage, they were about 25m away from me and they looked at my friend and I and waved and got excited and it was all very perfect.

At the end of the concert my friend Shannon and I left slightly early and went around the back of the LG arena, to our surprise we found the boys tour bus and managed to see them all come out of the venue, get into their tour bus and leave. Now I know this is a very 'fangirly' thing to do, but right there on the night I felt like the biggest fan girl alive.

We eventually left Birmingham at around 12.30pm and got home to London area at about 1.30am.
This was honestly one of the best things ever and I recommend anyone who can get tickets to go!

A couple of my photos:

My friend Shannon and I

Hope all your Directioners out there enjoyed this post, please comment your experience of a 1D concert or another concert you have been to!

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