Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines day

Yes, it has come again, the day where the majority of people become depressed at the fact they have no 'valentine', while the minority are receiving lovely gifts.

I am indeed one of those with no valentine but my view is that life is too short to be depressed about it, so I woke up and had some pancakes for breakfast- makes everything better every time.
I went home and in my room was a lovely chocolate heart from 'hotel chocolat' (insane chocolate shop) from my mummy and daddy! I was so pleased that I even felt the need to write this blog post about it!!!

I'm going to share with you 5 things to do on a lonely valentines day:-

1) make a big fat cake, and decorate it and then eat it, it's a great way to treat yourself.

The chocolate my lovely parents got me.
2) watch a film, turn all the lights off in your room (maybe leave some fairy lights on) and choose a really soppy film that makes you feel better.

3) go shopping!!!- you can never go wrong with a bit of shopping.

4) say yes to more things, if you are one of those people who for example, say no to going out with some friends, turn that around the more things you say yes to the better you feel about yourself.

5) write a 'to do' list, this is a great way to fill up time and it becomes quite relaxing, on your list you could have different chores or it could be things like 'sort out my makeup draw, organize it and put it back in'

I hope everybody has had a nice day, and not got too depressed :D

Blog post to come next week: London Shopping Haul

Sophie xxx


  1. That is one of the prettiest chocolate I've ever seen!


    1. Aww thanks!! Haha.. It tasted good too ;) xx

  2. Can't argue with the shopping point. Retail therapy always seems to boost moods! :)

    1. haha yes it does!! and I can't help but do a little online shop either ;) x

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  4. Heyyy I really love your blog, this is a really cute post too. Nice ideas for Valentines day too, I made a big cake too!
    Hope you had a good day, Sarah x

    1. aww thanks !! will check your blog out :D x