Saturday, 26 January 2013

Review | Favorite Moisturizers

Hola fellow bloggers,
recently i've really been enjoying lots of different moisturizers, so i thought i'd share them with you guys so you can enjoy soft skin too :)

**My Skin no shine mattifying moisture lotion**
This is a moisturizer that can be used for face and body so no need to have one for your face and one for your body, it lives up to 'mattifying' as its really dry and takes a few seconds to sink in so you don't have to wait ages to put clothes on (which you have to admit, is the worst part of moisturizing)!
I use this under my eyes as i get really dry patches from my concealer and it works a treat- i definitely recommend it!

**Tesco own Hand cream**
Lots of you will be put off at the fact its tesco own (for anybody who doesn't know, Tesco is a massive supermarket, probably the equivilant to Walmart in america)! I asked my mum to pick this up as something to keep in my bag as i get dermatitis on my hands so i have to constantly moisturize, and it works brilliantly! You only need a tiny amount as it sort of foams up. The only negative with this is that it takes quite a long time to sink in, so i wouldn't recommend putting it on just before bed!!

**The body shop strawberry body butter**
This smells amazing- if you like strawberry:)
It's not something i would recommend using daily, its more of a one off treat as it moisturizes for about 3 hours but then makes your skin really dry again! Rather than being really liquidy it's a moose type thing- so i suppose that's why its called body 'butter'.  If you have sensitive skin i wouldn't recommend this as its  fragrance is very strong!

**The body shop peach body butter**
Not going to go into too much detail as its very simular to the strawberry one!
The difference is the texture of it, this one is more like a moisturizer than body butter, it goes much further than the one above and in my opinion is a much nicer smell! (basically just dissed the one above... oops)

**Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion**
Ok, i understand this is not a moisturizer, but its so amazing i just had to put it in!
I apply this using normal cotton pads after using a face wipe to remove my make-up! although i've already used the face wipe, the amount of muck that comes off is immense! So really recommend this, its not overly priced either :)

**Nivea face, body, hands moisturizer**
This is like my savior,  it's plain and unscented so is really good if i have any rashes from make-up or just general dry skin! I use it every night after the clean and clear deep cleansing lotion, i use it on my face, legs and elbows (which sounds weird, but they get really dry). It leaves my skin so soft and by the morning any dry patches i had the night before, have gone :D

I hope you can enjoy some of these products too :)
Links for all products i could find online:  My skin (different packaging as mine is old) :
Tesco: Could not find online
The body shop body butters:

Cleansing lotion:

Nivea Cream (couldn't find exact one as mine came in a set):

Sophie x


  1. Gosh, I love a good multipurpose moisturizer, as im a bit of a lazy bones sometimes!
    I'm glad someone else isn't a massive fan of body shop butter, its nice but i agree it isn't the best moisturizer.
    Im now following you :)

  2. I remember having that MySkin moisturizer haha :) Nice post, check out my blog


  3. Cute blog! Check mine out? :)

    xx Brooklyn xx

  4. I'm loving this honest post- thanks for the great reviews!! X x

  5. This is a great post/review :) I'm a new follower and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog! Can I just suggest in future reviews you put the price up with the photo? Because I definitely want to try the stuff you review but I like knowing the price, thanks x

    1. Thanks for your suggestion- it'll be used in future reviews! :)